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A Few Exhilarating Newborn Baby Gifts

Posted on August 09, 2016 by Named Team | 0 comments

Everyone is excited on the arrival of a newborn baby. Talking about the parents itself, nothing can compare to their level of happiness and cheerfulness. Friends and family members make several plans to welcome the newborn baby. They start looking for some adorable gifts for the baby. However, when thinking about a newborn baby gifts, one should always look for the items that can be useful to both parents and the child.

Choosing newborn baby gifts can be difficult and tiring at the same time. Today, there are countless options available for an infant. Market is full of unique, beautiful, and useful newborn baby gift items. However, from so many exciting options available, the trickiest part obviously is to choose the best and the most useful baby gift.  

These days, customised newborn baby gifts are the latest trends. You can customise the gift with the baby’s name embarked on it. This will surely bring a smile on soon-to-be mommy’s face and will remain an everlasting childhood memory.

Here Is A List Of Some Of The Best Newborn Baby Gifts:

Personalised Security BlanketBOY - Personalised Security Blanket- The personlised security blanket is in trend these days. It is available with the child’s name engraved on it, which makes it an extra special newborn baby gifts for boys.



Baby shower nappy cake


Baby shower nappy cake- three tier nappy wonder- Choosing a newborn baby gift can be tricky, especially when you do not know whether the child will be a girl or a boy. A baby shower nappy cake is an excellent solution to this problem. It includes socks, bib, mitten, hat and rattles, huggies etc., which makes it a perfect gift for both baby boy and baby girl. Moreover, it includes a personalised plague engraved with a baby’s name on it.

The happy moose cushionThe happy moose cushion- You can also consider customized baby cushion cover which is available with easy to wash inner cushion making.




Boy hand and foot first prints

Boy hand and foot first prints-The newborn hand and footprint kits are the most popular baby gift these days. The kit can help you in preserving the first look of your baby’s tiny hands and feet. This kit includes 2 hang able frames one each for foot and hand, a non-toxic ink pad and protective acetate windows.



New three tier bath time boy nappy cakeNew three tier bath time boy nappy cake- The boy nappy cake that includes the huggies, blanket, hooded towel, brush, comb, hair wash, face washer, a photo frame with baby’s name makes it a perfect bath time gift for a newborn baby boy.


Happy pink baby basket



Happy pink baby basket- If you are looking for a unique newborn baby gift for your little girl, the happy pink baby basket is all you need.  The basket includes a custom ribbon, singlet, plush teddy bear and a pink keepsake box.  You can add your baby girl’s name and her birth date on pink ribbon around the basket.

Newport all in one growth suit-NavyNewport all in one growth suit-Navy- The growth suit is just what you need for a newborn. This suit is available with side buttoning that makes it easy to get baby in and out of. This suit can even be customised with the baby’s first name.

With the aforementioned list, you can now easily choose a perfect newborn baby gifts. However, make sure to choose a reliable company that ensures to provide you the best quality newborn baby gifts.





















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    Best Baby Shower Gifts Ideas for Boys and Girls in Australia

    Posted on May 11, 2016 by Named Team | 0 comments

    Baby shower is the most amazing function to attend. A new born baby is coming into our lives which fulfill our life with cute gestures and curdling voice. We get very excited when we get the invitation of baby shower, but from here the main dilemma starts. The biggest confusion what to gift on baby shower it should be unique and useful too. Every birth of baby is the most joyful event which should be celebrated with the full enthusiasm and energy. Choose the adorable and best baby shower gifts for boys and girls.

    Here Are Some Best Baby Shower Gifts Ideas For This Lovely Occasion:

    1.   Classic Baby Shower Basket:

    This is the one which is really be remembered by everyone. You are going in amazing occasion so your gift should be unique too. Classic baby shower basket holds many useful things into it. It makes you as well as baby’s family happy. Go and buy your best baby shower gift for girls.



    2. Baby Shower Classic Two Tier Nappy Cake:

    Baby Shower Classic Two Tier Nappy Cake

    Nappy is the most essential best baby shower gifts along with that this kit have more surprises in it. There is only some website which offers best baby shower gifts ideas for boys that is classic two tier nappy cake. If you are interested for buying this then web for it and get this amazing nappy cake. Seriously this is really one of the innovative gifts.


    3. Safari Long Leg Outfit:

    Safari Long Leg Outfit

    Those who are looking for the baby shower gifts for boys and girls in Australia then it is the best one to gift. It can be wear by both of the child no issues if the child is boy or girl. 100% cotton will really give relax to the baby and she can wear it with more ease.




    4. Quacky The Duck Cot Blanket:

    Quacky The Duck Cot Blanket

    If you are planning to make your little one’s day special then there is nothing best than this cute and attractive Quacky The Duck Cot Blanket. Made of warm super soft cotton fabric, it makes a perfect choice. It’s amazing features and designs have made this best baby shower gifts. To add this to your collection, surf the web now.


    5. Newport 2 Piece Bib Set - Red - Pack Of 2:

    Newport 2 Piece Bib Set - Red - Pack Of 2

    This is seriously an ultimate choice when you are collecting all the necessary stuff for your baby. You can have this Newport 2 piece Bib Set in Red colour with your babies name printed on it. Among the various stylish baby shower gifts, a bib is something that we never miss buying. Well, it is important that just like the day, gifts should also be remembered.


    6. Newport Baby Wrap - Red:

    Newport Baby Wrap - Red

    Get this amazing and innovative Newport Baby wrap in Red Color for swaddling as well as to use them as a burping towel. This can solve your biggest dilemma of choosing the most amazing baby shower gifts. It offers practical and good use. 100% Combined Cotton and it comes personalised with the name of your baby.


    7. Newport All In One Growth Suit - Red:

    Newport All In One Growth Suit - Red

    A baby shower is the most exciting and memorable day of someone’s life. In Australia, you can get the finest quality of Newport All in One growth suits in red colour. This adds a touch of cuteness to your baby’s personality and keeps them warm and snug. To make it more impressive, personalised names can be printed on them. With the diagonal buttons, it is easy to wear and gives comfort to your baby.

    In the end it’s just that this occasion really bring a memorable day for everyone. A gift should be like that also. These are the several choices of best baby shower gifts ideas from which you can choose to present on this special occasion of baby shower.

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    Posted on March 29, 2016 by Named Team | 0 comments

    With great vigour and excitement, parents celebrate the arrival of the newborn. This includes unique baby gifts items that are colourful and exclusive to make this auspicious occasion full of enthusiasm. To cater your newborn's needs, Named offers an exclusive collection of best quality baby gifts ideas that are exciting and trendy. If you want to purchase a baby gift for your toddler, here are few unique baby gifts ideas that’ll amuse your little one completely. Moreover, these items are quite useful and make your kid’s outdoor trips easy and indoor living comfortable.

     Let’s have a look at the top 5 unique baby gifts Ideas for your little one:

    1. The Adorable Dog Personalised Backpacks: Children love designs and pictures, especially cute little puppies that are carved on a backpack to make their trip to school exciting. A spacious backpack can be one of the perfect Christmas unique baby gifts that are useful and stylish. Also, you can add your kids name to the backpack so that he treasures it his entire life.
    1. Wise Owl Drink Bottle: Well, water bottles are quiteWise Owl Drink Bottleimportant when your child travels to school or day care. Gifting them a unique and colourful bottle with beautiful owl design and print can make their traveling experience more fun.


    1. Bright Girl Colours Pencil CaseBright Girl Colours Pencil Case: Pencil cases can be an entertaining and useful baby gifts for your little one. Not only they become a storage case for them, the unique design can add up to a lot of colour in your kids backpack, making experiences at school fun for them. These pouches are made up of durable and strong material that also allows beautiful embroidery of your girl’s name on the pencil cases.
    2. Happy Elephant Boy Photo Frame: If you are looking Happy Elephant Boy Photo Framefor a unique baby gifts ideas that your little one can cherish all their life, Happy Elephant Boy Photo Frame can be your best purchase to preserve you little ones first ultrasound picture. An amazing room decor for your baby, these can be placed in your kid’s room to make it look more lively and fascinating.

    3. Flying Elephant CushionFlying Elephant Cushion: Kids spend most of the time at home; therefore, it is important that their room is one of their most loved places and to make this happen flying elephant cushions can be purchased. Decorate your kid’s room with the cutest wing elephant cushions to make their sleeping and playing in the bed more pleasant.

    Here at Named, you can easily find all these products at affordable rates. Browse and choose the best unique baby gifts that meet your requirements!

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    5 Best Unique XMAS Gift Ideas for Kids

    Posted on November 14, 2015 by Named Team | 0 comments

    Blue Merry Christmas TeddyFinally the day kids always wait for is around the corner and parents are leaving the no stone unturned to find the best and unique XMAS gift ideas for their kids. There is a long list of unique XMAS gift ideas when they browse the internet to find the one which can bring the most beautiful smile on their adorable faces.


    We have created a list of 5 best unique XMAS Gift ideas for kids, baby girls and boys:
      • Blue Merry Christmas TeddyBlue Merry Christmas Teddy: Both boys and girls fall in love with cute teddy bears especially if it features their name on it. This soft and cute teddy bear wears a bold red shirt making this gift unique with the name of your kids printed on it in gold colour.
      • Santa Claus Christmas StockingSanta Claus Christmas Stocking: Though it is a cool gift for kids, even adults cannot stop themselves from personalising it. This 60 cm tall red and white stocking features a small and cute smiling Santa and the name of the kid or adult is printed on it in white colour.




      • Santa Bib and Hat SetSanta Bib and Hat Set: The beautiful red coloured hat is personalised by printing the name in red colour on its white edging and the bib featuring a smiling Santa wishing merry Christmas is personalised by printing the name in white colour.    


      • Christmas Big BearChristmas big bear: This big brown teddy bear is a perfect gift having white striped scarf and beautiful Santa hat. The red hat with red and white striped edging beautifies the teddy and makes it unique gift for your child with their name printed on it.
      • Santa HatSanta Hat: A bold red Santa hat containing the name of the child in white colour is the perfect gift to surprise the little one. It is a gift idea for kids, but it does not mean that adults cannot wear it.


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    Myths of Motherhood Busted

    Posted on October 16, 2015 by Named Team | 0 comments

    Myths of Motherhood Busted

    When people find out you’re expecting or you’re a new mum, you can be sure there will be no shortage of strange advice from using whisky for teething and putting tea bags in baby’s nappy. You may find it difficult to figure out what is truth and what is fiction. Following is a list of old wives’ tales that are actually myths.

    Babies need a dummy.

    Basically a dummy is a tool that baby can use to calm themselves. However, once you teach them that they have something at the end of their arm, hopefully they will learn to use that before using an external item to soothe. Simply keep directing their hand towards their mouth to soothe themselves. This will eventually phase itself out as your child grows older.

    You must boil your bottles.

    While this is true in some parts of the world, in Australia the water is pretty clean. The goal is to clean them, not sterilise them- so simple washing will be perfectly fine.

    Allowing baby to suck their thumb will cause buck teeth.

    Sure, thumb-sucking or pacifier usage can cause buck teeth, but it depends upon how old the child is as to whether this is temporary or permanent. If your 2 year old child still sucks their thumb but they stop before age 4, it will likely be temporary. Once this habit is ceased, the teeth will naturally reposition themselves. 

    Don’t worry if baby teeth get cavities.

    Baby teeth serve several different purposes from chewing to speech to holding space for permanent teeth to come in. If your child gets a cavity in their baby teeth, this can result in infections and serious pain, which can cause some problems with overall development, school attendance, and even their overall self-esteem.

    When baby is teething, use whisky to soothe painful gums.

    Paediatricians do not recommend that you use whisky or aspirin on painful gums. However, you can use things such as cold teething rings, baby acetaminophen, and even homeopathic teething tabs.

    Never put baby on their back.

    Back in the 1990s, paediatricians began to recommend that babies be put on their back. Since that time, the rate of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome has decreased by over 50
    percent. A healthy baby will not die from choking on spit-up. However, they do die in their sleep on their stomachs.

    Never touch the soft spot on baby’s head. 

    As a parent, you can softly touch the soft spot in a very loving way. Gentle contact with your baby is always a good idea. Any other type of contact is not, no matter what. So, feel free to gently brush baby’s hair, wash their scalp, and enjoy being a parent.

    Place a tea bag in baby’s nappy to get rid of nappy rash.

    Actually, placing a wet tea bag in baby’s nappy is more likely to cause a rash. Dry tea bags are not likely to help either, and besides, they don’t stay dry for long anyway. Ask your paediatrician what is best for nappy rash and enjoy your tea bags in your teacup.

    Get rid of nappy rash with exposure to sunlight.

    While occasional exposure to air will help baby’s skin to heal and dry out, you should never trade a nappy rash for a sunburn. When outside, make sure you avoid the peak part of the day and always use sunscreen with an SPF of 15 to 30.

    As an expectant or new parent, you will be bombarded with tons of well-meaning advice. However, if you feel something just doesn’t sound right, it’s probably not. You do have an innate sense of right and wrong- use it. If there is ever any question about your own intuitiveness, speak with your paediatrician. 

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