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Posted on March 29, 2016 by Named Team | 0 comments

With great vigour and excitement, parents celebrate the arrival of the newborn. This includes unique baby gifts items that are colourful and exclusive to make this auspicious occasion full of enthusiasm. To cater your newborn's needs, Named offers an exclusive collection of best quality baby gifts ideas that are exciting and trendy. If you want to purchase a baby gift for your toddler, here are few unique baby gifts ideas that’ll amuse your little one completely. Moreover, these items are quite useful and make your kid’s outdoor trips easy and indoor living comfortable.

 Let’s have a look at the top 5 unique baby gifts Ideas for your little one:

  1. The Adorable Dog Personalised Backpacks: Children love designs and pictures, especially cute little puppies that are carved on a backpack to make their trip to school exciting. A spacious backpack can be one of the perfect Christmas unique baby gifts that are useful and stylish. Also, you can add your kids name to the backpack so that he treasures it his entire life.
  1. Wise Owl Drink Bottle: Well, water bottles are quiteWise Owl Drink Bottleimportant when your child travels to school or day care. Gifting them a unique and colourful bottle with beautiful owl design and print can make their traveling experience more fun.


  1. Bright Girl Colours Pencil CaseBright Girl Colours Pencil Case: Pencil cases can be an entertaining and useful baby gifts for your little one. Not only they become a storage case for them, the unique design can add up to a lot of colour in your kids backpack, making experiences at school fun for them. These pouches are made up of durable and strong material that also allows beautiful embroidery of your girl’s name on the pencil cases.
  2. Happy Elephant Boy Photo Frame: If you are looking Happy Elephant Boy Photo Framefor a unique baby gifts ideas that your little one can cherish all their life, Happy Elephant Boy Photo Frame can be your best purchase to preserve you little ones first ultrasound picture. An amazing room decor for your baby, these can be placed in your kid’s room to make it look more lively and fascinating.

  3. Flying Elephant CushionFlying Elephant Cushion: Kids spend most of the time at home; therefore, it is important that their room is one of their most loved places and to make this happen flying elephant cushions can be purchased. Decorate your kid’s room with the cutest wing elephant cushions to make their sleeping and playing in the bed more pleasant.

Here at Named, you can easily find all these products at affordable rates. Browse and choose the best unique baby gifts that meet your requirements!

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