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Affordable & Unique Kids’ Gift Items at Named!

Posted on June 11, 2014 by Named Team | 0 comments

Melbourne, 11th June, 2014: We at Named have almost 23 years of priceless experience in offering our clients the joy of gifting a loved one that one of a kind gift which is truly personalised to touch his heart. Our exclusive range of unique, personalised gifts has significantly expanded through all these years but we still adhere to our work ethic of delivering supreme quality for every product - the one aspect that strongly contributes to making us the favourite of masses!

This business that blossomed with the idea to bring special unique products to the tiny tots today produces more than 50 unique gift items such as personalised backpacks, blankets, towel, lunchboxes etc. available in different adorable themes for girls and boys.

The best sellers!

Both kids and parents have developed fondness for many of our creative as well as inspiring products over the years. The best sellers are inclusive of classic boy baby basket, classic girl baby basket, baby-shower nappy cake, personalised canvas art, uniquely designed lunch boxes, personalised stationary notecards set, etc.

The absolute favourite!

At Named we have produced all sorts of personalised gifts that appeal to the human sentiment and mostly to a child’s joy! As per our latest analysis report, the one gift item that has been an absolute favourite for a very long time is the personalised lunch boxes. Our existing range of exclusive, personally designed lunch boxes is inclusive of five adorable themes. The first one is the Airplane personalised lunchbox in a lovely contrast of red blue and yellow; the wings, the fan and that personalisation with your child’s name, every feature makes this gift item a sure favourite! The other themes are inclusive of Dinosaur, Funky Monkey, Lady Bird, Wise Owl and New Wise Owl personalised lunchbox in unique, attractive colour schemes.

Parents too have a reason to love these specially designed lunch boxes; these are made out of a fine, durable material that doesn’t bleed those bright and beautiful colours, each lunch box is given two divisions such that it is easy to clean and to facilitate keeping the temperature hot or cold as per personal need and most importantly your little one will make a deliberate effort to not lose it because every child loves to see his name on such one of a kind belonging!

Easy Ordering & Timely Delivery!

We make sure all our clients, both old and new, can relish hassle free viewing and ordering of our absolute products. All orders can be placed online to usually receive a confirmation mail within a few minutes. We assure timely delivery of all the sold items through Australia Post, usually within 2 to 3 working days. We also offer same day delivery in the city of Melbourne for which you will have to place your order before 1p.m. Yes, it is truly this simple!

To know more and to make that perfect pick as a gift for the apple of your eye explore the best options with us at


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