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Creative Parenting Ideas That Make Life with Kids Just a Little Easier

Posted on August 20, 2015 by Named Team | 0 comments

Every parent knows that there are some things that come up in daily life with children that can make things a bit tough. These creative parenting ideas will provide hacks you will love using – and probably wish you’d thought of yourself!

Banish Those Monsters

Every child has had those fears of a monster under the bed, but this little hack will get rid of it in a hurry. Take an old spray bottle and decorate it with little monsters – don’t make them too scary though! Fill the bottle with water, and tell your child it is Monster Spray. If he or she thinks there is a monster, all that’s required is a quick squirt of the bottle to banish it forever. Not only will your child feel proud that he or she got rid of the monster, the water inside won’t cause any damage. Just make sure the children know they can’t sleep with it in the bed with them to prevent any spills during the night.

Make Medication Easier

We all hate giving the little ones medicine, but there is a way to make the process much easier. Simply take an old pacifier and cut a small hole in the tip. The next time you have to give a dose, slip the dropper into the pacifier while your little one has it in his or her mouth. Slowly squeeze the dropper, and the medicine will actually make it into baby’s mouth, rather than all over the both of you. Make sure you don’t squeeze too fast, or cut the hole overly large, so it won’t come out too fast. 

Twin Troubles

Identical twins are hard to tell apart, but now you can help your friends and families get the little one’s names right (and you too at first!) These cute singlets feature TWIN BABY on the front, with different color words and letters for TWIN A and TWIN B. If you can’t find your own to buy, you can always create your own with a plain singlet and iron- on letters. Don’t worry, though, the two little tots will eventually be easy to tell apart without these cute and sneaky name tags! 

Stair Slides

When the weather isn’t right for a trip to the park, it’s time to come up with something creative to entertain the kids. If you have a staircase in your home, all you need is a large, heavy cardboard box. Cut it down so it fits all the way across the stairs, and let the little ones use it as a slide. Just make sure they understand they need to be careful! For this creative idea, you’ll want to make sure you use very thick cardboard that won’t collapse when they slide down the stairs.

Beat Those Drips

When the temperatures soar, every child’s favorite warm weather treat is a must-have. The next time you buy Popsicle, grab a pack of cupcake wrappers too. When you give the kiddos a frosty treat, poke the stick through the wrapper. It will capture all the sticky drips, making sure your kids stay clean and free of gooey Popsicle juice. Try to help little ones understand not to tip the treat too far, as that can let some of the stickiness drip out over the side.

We all love discovering new things with our children, but these five creative parenting ideas will make that journey just a little bit easier and less messy! Do you have any other creative ideas or hacks? If so, make sure to leave a comment below to share them with others!


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