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5 Best Unique XMAS Gift Ideas for Kids

Posted on November 14, 2015 by Named Team | 0 comments

Blue Merry Christmas TeddyFinally the day kids always wait for is around the corner and parents are leaving the no stone unturned to find the best and unique XMAS gift ideas for their kids. There is a long list of unique XMAS gift ideas when they browse the internet to find the one which can bring the most beautiful smile on their adorable faces.


We have created a list of 5 best unique XMAS Gift ideas for kids, baby girls and boys:
    • Blue Merry Christmas TeddyBlue Merry Christmas Teddy: Both boys and girls fall in love with cute teddy bears especially if it features their name on it. This soft and cute teddy bear wears a bold red shirt making this gift unique with the name of your kids printed on it in gold colour.
    • Santa Claus Christmas StockingSanta Claus Christmas Stocking: Though it is a cool gift for kids, even adults cannot stop themselves from personalising it. This 60 cm tall red and white stocking features a small and cute smiling Santa and the name of the kid or adult is printed on it in white colour.




    • Santa Bib and Hat SetSanta Bib and Hat Set: The beautiful red coloured hat is personalised by printing the name in red colour on its white edging and the bib featuring a smiling Santa wishing merry Christmas is personalised by printing the name in white colour.    


    • Christmas Big BearChristmas big bear: This big brown teddy bear is a perfect gift having white striped scarf and beautiful Santa hat. The red hat with red and white striped edging beautifies the teddy and makes it unique gift for your child with their name printed on it.
    • Santa HatSanta Hat: A bold red Santa hat containing the name of the child in white colour is the perfect gift to surprise the little one. It is a gift idea for kids, but it does not mean that adults cannot wear it.


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