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About Us

Named (formerly Personalizations) is an Australian family owned and operated business that has been personalising gifts for all different occasions for over 23 years.
Originally started by Judy Bennett in 1989, the company has since expanded its operation to include Judy's Son and Daughter-in-law, who have both come on board bringing a wide range of varied expertise to the 'Named' Business.
With them, new machinery has been bought in to allow 'Named' to broaden their personalised gift range to now include: Baby Gifts such as Baby Baskets, Nappy Cakes and lots of different Personalised baby apparel, Gifts for Women such as Balms, Creams and Candles, Personalised Stationery, Children Gifts and the list goes on...
The Launch of their new ecommerce website in June 2012, marked a new era for 'Named'...with 'Named' officially extending their business Nationally, with a new closely formed partnership with Australia Post allowing them to continue to maintain their unique and high standard of personalised gifts, that has always been their trademark, while being able to supply and deliver to Aussies all over Australia for those special occasions.
The Named Story
It all began in 1989... I had been working as a legal secretary for many years & decided I needed a change.  However since I had three small children, I needed an occupation that fitted into their busy schedules.
Whilst on holiday overseas that year, my husband found and bought me my first "hot foil printer" with not much of an idea what I would do with it.
Soon after getting back to Australia a close friend of mine was having birthday, so I decided to test out this new contraption and I went and bought some stationery - with my new hot foil printer, I took the stationery I had bought her and personalised it - wrapped it & packed it, then presented it to her at a birthday lunch where it was much admired and handed around.
A few days later the husband of one of the women at the lunch (who owned a reception centre) rang me with the idea of giving all his brides and grooms personalised stationery as a gift - and asked "Could I bring in my range?"...Range?..."Yeah sure my Range... I'll bring it in next week as I'm very busy this week." I said...and I was very busy...Finding a Range!
So I spent the rest of that next week cobbling together a range.  He ended up ordering personalised stationery for his bridal parties and just like that Personalizations was born.
Since those early days many things have changed.  Our range may have grown enormously however we have managed to maintain the high quality of our work that has become our trademark.
With the years, the business name and brand has also evolved to reflect the more modern world that we now live in...a very social world where a personal touch on something as simple as a gift, is greatly received, appreciated and shared... and 'NAMED' is our way of being able to provide this to people.
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