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Baby Hand Print Albums - Medium - Blue


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Gift ideas for a baby can sometimes be a tricky thing to find when looking for a baby gift that is a bit special...There is so much clutter on the baby product market that finding unique baby gifts that will be one of those personalised gifts that will be remembered is hard...This Stunning Baby Hand print Album however will be treasured. It really is a great baby present for the new family member and also comes with Printed Ribbon and Personalised plaque with the baby's name and date of birth (if known)

  • Size: 230mm x 315mm
  • Usable page area: 225mm x 285mm
  • Pages: 20 dry mount acid free pages with opaque interleaving
  • No. of pages: 20 (40 surfaces)
  • Photos per page: 6"x4" photo - 3; 5"x7" photo - 2; 6"x8" photo - 1; 10"x8" photo -1
  • Refills: Available
  • No. of interscrews: 2
  • Personalised Ribbon: With Baby's name or personalised message.
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