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Baby Hand Print Albums - Medium - Pink


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Personalised gifts come no sweeter than this Baby Hand print album when looking to buy a baby shower gift. They are suitable for traditional or digital photos and slide right into one of baby baskets when looking to give a baby gift of substance.

  • Size: 230mm x 315mm
  • Usable page area: 225mm x 285mm
  • Pages: 20 dry mount acid free pages with opaque interleaving
  • No. of pages: 20 (40 surfaces)
  • Photos per page: 6"x4" photo - 3; 5"x7" photo - 2; 6"x8" photo - 1; 10"x8" photo -1
  • Refills: Available
  • No. of interscrews: 2
  • Engraved plaque with the name of the baby and date of birth (if known)
  • Personalised ribbon with name of the baby or a short message
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