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Boy Hand and Foot 1st Prints


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When your son is first born, you’ll want to record everything about him. You’ll take pictures and measure how long he is and how much he weighs. Don’t forget about his tiny handprints and footprints, though. With our newborn hand and footprint kits, you’ll preserve how tiny his feet and hands were when he was born. It’ll be fun to look back when he’s all grown up to see how tiny he once was. With our baby footprint kit, you’ll keep those tiny toes forever, and when you use our handprint kit for babies, you can keep his prints for years to come, when you can show them to his children one day.



  • 2 Hangable frames (One for a foot print, one for a hand print)
  • A non-toxic Ink Pad
  • Protective acetate windows
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