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New Wise Owl Personalised Lunchbox


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Your daughter will absolutely love our wonderful owl lunch box. Its bright palette of colours is sure to put a smile on her face, and it’s shaped like an owl, with little ears sticking up in the top, too. If you’re sending her off to kindergarten with this personalised lunchbox, she’ll always be able to find it. With her name printed on it, there’s no way her lunchbox can get mistaken for someone else’s. With its fun colours and shape, she won’t be likely to leave her owl personalised lunch box at home, either. Our wonderful owl lunchbox is for your baby, too, as it’s soft and safe to send with your child when you take them to day care or to the sitter’s house.

  • Dimensions: Height X 25cm, Width X 18cm, Depth X 12cm
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