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The New Wonderfully Wise Owl Personalised Backpack


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The sweet, bright colours of our pink, turquoise and yellow kids’ personalised owl backpack will have your little girl hugging it close. Not only does this personalised backpack have your daughter’s name printed right on it in big, soft pink letters, but it’s also shaped like an owl. It even has little, pink owl ears at the top. As your child starts to carry her own toys or school supplies with her, she’ll need something to carry them in, and she’ll love packing this backpack with everything she wants to bring along. You can even get this personalised owl backpack for your baby, to carry diapers and supplies for her until she can use it to carry her own stuff when she’s just a little bit older.


  •      Dimension: 35cm X 28cm X 14cm



*Matching Drink Bottle Sold Separately 

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