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Twin Nappy Cake


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When Twins are born, it really is a special joyful time!...But it also leaves many friends and family member confused...Confused at what present to buy? That is exactly why we designed the Twin Nappy Cake. This Nappy Cake specifically comes with double of almost everything, so neither baby is ledt out. There are 2 Personalised Hooded Towels, 2 Personalised Singlets, 2 Bunny Sqeakers, a photo frame with both babies names engraved on it and a brush and comb for them to use after bathtime, 30 Huggies Newborn nappies and it even comes wrapped in personalised Ribbon with a message of your choice.  

NOTE: Twin Nappy Cakes can be designed for either Twin Boys, Twin Girls or Mixed...Please leave a Note in the comments section when ordering, to let us know the gender of the twins!

  •  2 Personalised Hooded Towels
  •  2 Personalised Singlets
  •  2 Bunny Sqeakers
  •  Personalised Photo Frame (with both babies names engraved on it!)
  •  Brush and Comb
  •  30  Newborn Nappies
  •  Personalised Ribbon

*Nappy Cake items are subject to change to a similar product of equal value.

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